The Internet Is Going For 20GBps speed

Facebook, the trendsetting player in social networks, is now making its attempt to revolutionise technology as well.

Facebook’s recent research involves in increasing the internet speed and making it more and more efficient. Currently, the research team of Facebook is trying to obtain the speed of20Gps through the same efficiency that requires lighting a bulb.

The founder of the network site, Mark Zuckerberg, in his recent statements, to press states that the desire of this research is to take the internet to all corners of the world.

He further states that the new Acura Drones will be able to connect everyone to the internet and allowing them to stay connected with all their friends, families, and co-workers at all times.

The Internet is playing a very vital role in the modern society. From an unimaginable size of facts, and information to all vital necessities of a man, the internet is trying to connect with everyone in all our daily life.

The founder of Facebook, also states that their research and all efforts are based on understating this necessity of internet for every man and woman walking on this earth.

Only time will tell us when this dream of Mark Zuckerberg will be a reality, and when we all will enjoy something of what he says. We all understand that the internet is getting very vital in our lives and that too within a very short period of time. But we must also realise that this might not be entirely free. And especially with the rising living costs and economic crisis in every country, could this be a luxury?

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