If you ever wanted to view your website through its unique IP address, which is largely beneficial when transferring website from one host to another, or access your web account through FTP or the Web when the domain server in unavailable, then, a dedicated IP address is the solution that fits your need.

Dedicated IP addresses are freely available when you apply for an SSL certificate to the account while using a Web Hosting account. Other hosting services may not provide you with such benefit. You may have to appeal separately for it.


 Low downtime

The risk of server downtime is presented each time an IP address is being refreshed. Although the refreshing is only a short time, it creates a possibility to loose data, files over the refreshing period. The loss of such data creates a havoc in most cases. Owning a static address removes the risk of downtime problems.

Own Private SSL Certificate

To create a secure e-commerce, websites require SSL certificates. SSL certificates allows you to accept credit cards online. A shared SSL certificate is usually offered by a web host. This allows their clients to use their SSL certificate for e-commerce purposes. Owning a distinct IP address thereby a separate SSL certificate increases the safety of your website.

Anonymous FTP

A dedicated IP address allows anyone who uses an FTP software to access all your files in a special directory relevant to your site. Most web hosting services requires a static IP for the anonymous FTP to work consistently. The name ‘anonymous’ is derived as the User Name given to access the special directory is anonymous, hence, reflected in the name.

This is useful when you want to access your website when the domain is inaccessible due to other reasons such as domain propagation. It will allow you to access your website through FTP or Web Browser.

 Remote Access

A static IP address allows you to access your PC from anywhere in the world. Software Programs such as Remote Administrator and PC Anywhere allows you to get into your home or work PC and access the files from anywhere in the world. Such remote connections to your pc can be made through any type of IP address. However, when connected through a dynamic address your PC will be lost once the PC refreshes. A dedicated or static IP address allows you maintain the remote connection at all points.

Running an FTP server

FTP or File Transfer Protocol allows you to transfer files and data from one PC to another in much simpler method. However it requires special software to perform this task. Using an FTP site to share files including pictures, among friends and colleagues enhances your organization. Once the site has been set up, clients, partners, and friends simply need to log into your site to access, edit or upload files.

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