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With internet becoming more a necessity for many in this world, social media, sharing via internet, hosting services and many more activities alike are taking prominence in the industry. Image Hosting is one of the services associated in this industry. Image hosting is the service that allows individuals to upload and share images in the internet, and give the individual the access of different code through which other can view that image.

The process of image webhosting or simply image hosting is carried out through a specified user interface. The UI allows the individual to select a location of upload from in his local computer. The file shall be uploaded in the internet from the given location.

Some advanced image hosts, are capable of handling multiple image locations at the same time, or accept a ZIP archive with multi-locations. Additionally, some hosts allow FTP access, where single or multiple files can be uploaded in one session using FTP software or an FTP-capable browser.

Once the upload process is complete, the image will be fully loaded in the internet. This also means that the image is ready for public viewing. If desired the uploading person can specify inline links to the image he hosts. This embeds the image on other websites. Some of the most common embedding methods are given below.

• Linking with HTML code
• Linking with BBcode
• A clickable thumbnail that is linked to the full image

The image hosts typically owns the privilege to restrict the image size allowed, or limit the maximum space and/or bandwidth a single user can use. Heavy restrictions on the bandwidth size limits the image host to provide a modest size limit per image, when compared against the paid services. As a compensation, hot-linking the images is allowed for the users.

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