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HTML is the short form of Hyper-Text Markup Language. It is a standard language mostly used as a substitute for CSS, and JavaScript.

HTML helps you to create visually-absorbing websites, flexible UIs, and also UI for numerous mobile applications. Most Web Browsers, including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari can easily read HTML languages and successfully render the websites on your screen.

HTML is more of a mark-up language rather than a programming language, which describes the website with semantics together with presentation cues.

The language can be used to create the basic underlying blocks for the websites, embedding images and objects to create the designer – desired look. It gives the platform to create structured documents with headings, paragraphs, bulletins, links, etc.

HTML is written with the inclusions of its own elements, which includes angle brackets, commas, colons, etc. These are also known as HTML tags and are not displayed in the browser. The language is mostly known for its flexibility and user-friendliness. The benefits are as follows,

• High flexibility

• Supports for almost any browser

• User friendly

• Open technology

• Consistent and efficient

• Bids the superlative medium for its users

• Understandable and does not require heavy training

• Feature interaction between web pages, effective use

• Compatibility with search engines

• Easy maintenance and update

• No strain on the servers

• Less load time

• Increased accessibility with HTML Validation

• Attractive web templates

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