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InterServer is new to the web host industry. Despite their new arrival, they have indeed quite successful in grabbing the attention against the big giants in the industry. Their success is credited to their server performance and their small customers.

This new web host offers unlimited storage, unlimited domains, unlimited transfer, and unlimited email facilities. However, they charge their clients and additional $1.99 for domain registration when you purchase the entire web hosting package. The package includes a 30 day money back guarantee, which makes things more convenient. Unlike other web hosts where price is subjected to change, InterServer offer a guarantee to keep the sign-up-price unchanged forever. They also provide an uptime guarantee as well.

Interserver Web Hosting Reviews
Interserver Web Hosting Reviews

InterServer give guaranteed email delivery service with unlimited POP, IMAP, Forwarders, Responders, and Add-on domains. Their support to mobile devices such IPhone, Android, and Blackberry is also extensive. They provide unlimited Sub-domain and Domain Names. Easy installation facilities to their 381 Scripts and cPanel as the Control and Management platform.

Their package is available at an unbelievably low price at $4.95 per month; certainly among the cheapest offers in the market. The web host is also well acclaimed for their 24*7 quality customer support.

Although their features seem to be a little less compared to the offer of the giants in the industry, they appear to be decent choice for small and medium sized business. Most of the clients of InterServer are small business, and the websites hosted are fairly small.

This makes their server free and gives it a wider space for processing power. Higher processing power gives better and quality hosting. This is one of the strongest reasons if you are thinking about business with InterServer. Another reason could be there award winning customer support. However, it is also justifiable, to think of what could happen once there server becomes busy with websites and clients.

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