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web hosting review
web hosting review

A best web hosting brings you the ability to run a successful website. Picking a web hosting randomly is one of the serious mistakes one could make. A web host needs to be chosen with some thoughts, consideration and research. The significant increase in web hosts today, is delivering a wide array of web hosts and has also increased the competition among web hosts. Thus, the question and confusion in selecting the best web host has arisen in many minds.

Facts to consider.

  • Evaluating the required disk space and bandwidth is the first consideration one has to make when choosing a web host. If the website has numerous graphics, design elements, and animations then it would demand a higher bandwidth. The more the traffic expected the more disk space you would need.
  • Compatibility is also a vital consideration. Ensuring that the operating system remains supported to your website and with your web host has to be kept in mind.
  • Reliability and availability are critical characteristics to consider when shopping around for web hosting. Web hosts make numerous promises to attract customers to them. Ensure that all claims made by the web hosts are satisfied.
  • Security of your website is another vital concern. Make sure that you are aware of the security features of your web host. It is necessary that they should have things like firewall, backups, and user authentication. Notifications every time a change is made is also an advantages.


Given below is the ranking of leading web hosts in the world. The rankings given below is with respect to the features and facilities offered by them and response of their clients


eHost – 9.8/10

eHost seems like a good choice for small businesses. Their site creator is one of the best on the field, and it provides easy to access customer service options.

Their charges are around the market average, but they do try to upsell at nearly every opportunity.

With a Design Suite, Marketing Suite and Support Suite all comprised in your monthly costs, eHost has got things ordered in a neat way that makes their site easy to use.

The design suite, provides easy process to add a blog and an ecommerce app, and provides you with a nice looking site in matter of minutes.  Free vouchers provide ample marketing help, while a free phone number is available to receive technical support.  They offer risk-free service with a 45-day money back guarantee; an option that is worth considering.



Arvixe – 9.7/10

Arvixe delivers stellar web hosting services, with plans and features aimed to meet an extensive choice of hosting requests. The provision isn’t rapidly straightforward, and it will need certain hands-on effort to become conversant with how it works. Despite these insignificant faults, the robust functionality and all-inclusive hosting strategies make Arvixe one of the best firms in the circle of web hosting services.



InMotion Hosting – 9.3/10

InMotion Hosting is a rising member in the competitive business of web hosting. What sets them away from each other is the high quality of customer support and radical security aids on the opening plan. The only errors in the Launch plan are the small quantity of subdomains, absence of free priority support and failure to access e-commerce features. This service has increased over the ranks and is effortlessly now a top-tier web host.



Bluehost – 9/10

Having a website up and running with Bluehost was swift and stress-free, which is why it domains on our list of the top 10 best web hosting services around. The continuous calls and the stable stream of ads even after we joined as customers were a bit of an annoyance, which just hardly retains it out of the top spots.



HostGator – 8.9/10

HostGator is an elastic and feature-rich web hosting firm. The control panel is not as instinctive as others nor does the customer support is exceptional. However, even with the absence of those two criteria, it remains a solid service for a comprehensive hosting bundle. It supplies to fresher in maintaining a domain and those who are wandering sites over.



Web.com – 8.7/10

Though the plans are very cost-competitive, this policy isn’t the loudest Web host out there. However, if you’re searching for a modest service that offers all the tools essential to get a website up and running, this low-cost supplier will deliver all important ones. As is detailed in many customers’ Web.com hosting examinations, you won’t get bells, whistles, or super-sophisticated options from this company, but you will get a reliable hosting provider at a sensible price.



WebHostingPad – 8.7/10

If you’re simply looking for a server to host your blog, personal or business website, you can do well with WebHostingPad, one of what we consider the top hosting companies. However, it costs you more if you want the extras that seem to come standard with most of the other higher ranked web hosts on our list.



JustHost.com – 8.4/10

If you’re searching for a rich yet low-cost Web host solution that’s easy to use, JustHost is a good option. Aside from serving your website with JustHost, newsletters are also easy to create and send. And if you get stuck at any point, the JustHost forum can set you straight. However, if you’re looking for high-end customer support or 100% uptime, you may want to look elsewhere as far as this JustHost hosting reviewer is concerned.



GreenGeeks – 8.4/10

GreenGeeks offers low rates for shared hosting and frequently there are discounts for new customers. It is one of the best web hosting services available due to its unlimited options, readily available support, and website building and management tools. However, they are not very good at supporting a lot of server resources or bulk email campaigns.



GoDaddy – 8.3/10

GoDaddy has the name and reputation that make it hard to ignore. It is not the best web hosting service but is a worthy competitor. The setup process is straightforward, and you have enough bandwidth and disk space to run a small business site efficiently. This may be the first experience many people have with a web host. It won’t be a bad experience, but certainly won’t be the best.



DreamHost – 8.2/10

This web hosting service works well for small websites and experienced web developers. DreamHost really shines with its hosting package. If you find that it’s not the right company for you, you have over three months to cancel and get your money back. That being said, we don’t think many will cancel once they get used to the unique control panel.



iPage – 8.1/10

There are many features presented in iPage’s Essential Plan, and the preliminary charge makes it worth a try for everyone who is new, which is why it remains one of the best web hosting companies out there. You get the help you want over iPage’s widespread knowledgebase, polite customer service reps and tutorials. However, you can’t expect to have complete control, security and site backup at the low price that this budget web host offers.



FatCow – 7.9/10

FatCow does not offer the elasticity of most of its competitors. In its place, it is focused onto one hosting package. As the consumer, it’s easy to appreciate the fact that this service takes something as dull as web hosting and adds some humor. It also doesn’t hurt that they have a great balance of interface features, unlimited hosting boundaries and a solid support page.



Idea host – 7.8/10

Idea Host is smart, good value for the basic service and offers plenty of space to enlarge into more useful and professional sites. The present initial proposal is attractive, and the 45-day money back offer takes the risk out of giving these new guys a chance. Beyond the basics, you’ll find the services to support your desires. Marketing support contains advertising vouchers, analytics and SEO; e-commerce is an easy add-on.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned designer, this good looking and easy to use site should have something for you. The technical hosting specs look good, though some downtime during our tests was a concern, and the addition of fuller written support will only add to Idea Host’s attractions.



1&1 Hosting – 7.7/10

With feature-rich hosting packages and outstanding security, 1&1 ascertains that it is a dependable and operative web hosting service. The company offers all the fundamentals to get a site up and running, and the unlimited offerings are a robust reason to try out the service. Beyond its prominent security, this service doesn’t offer anything we haven’t seen before. However, if you’re looking for unlimited bandwidth and disk space at a competitive cost, 1&1 is a web hosting provider worth looking at.



Globat – 7.4/10

While the service’s hosting package has a few evident negatives and its feature set appears lacking, Globat’s incomparable price, consistent customer support and unlimited offerings make it a respectable choice for those with basic hosting requirements. Even with a few faults in terms of account setup, it’s far above average and almost cracks into our top 10 web hosting services.



PowWeb – 7.4/10

Overall, PowWeb is a reasonable web hosting company. It lacks some functionality, but the features that the service does offer are adequate. The web hosting service would critically benefit from the enclosure of an easier account creation process. Jumping through rounds is a sure way to lose customers before you even get them.



WestHost – 7.3/10

Undoubtedly WestHost is a decent web hosting service. It delivers reasonable web hosting that’s accompanied with complete customer support options. Although some of its features cost extra, the website creator helps you build a polished, professional website in as little as one day. That being said, it is unsatisfactory that it’s hosting tactics aren’t more comprehensive and that the Business strategy is the only package that offers truly limitless hosting.



HostMonster – 7.2/10

Although it does not have any special features, this web host does a decent job with average small business web hosting. It is particularly well-apt for people with opening to intermediate experience levels. There are few disadvantages, but the limits that do exist might become problematic for advanced users.



Jumpline – 7.1/10

Jumpline is missing more than a few features on its control panel, yet it is still easy to use and allows you to create several professional looking sites. This web host provides the abilities for good storage and hosting features. With a few enhancements to the live chat availability and addition of a few control panel tools, this would be a top-tier product.



Netfirms – 7/10

Netfirms has a good experience for provision of simple, quality web hosting plans at a sensible cost. The web hosting service lacks some functionality and a decent support team, and these two errors keep this web host from ranking in the top 10.



Midphase – 7/10

With its adaptable hosting choices and variety of features, Midphase is an ideal springboard for anyone searching to start a professional website. It may miss in terms of usability and a few features, but such problems aren’t likely to be a deal breaker for most prospective users. Whether you’re just starting out with your first site or you’ve had ample experience in site design and hosting, Midphase is a website hosting service we recommend.



BlueDomino – 6.9/10

BlueDomino is affordable and reliable, and its one hosting package provides most of the capabilities we looked for in a web hosting service. However, the service’s lack of features and subpar customer service don’t make it a strong contender among the best web hosting services.



Hostway – 6.8/10

Hostway’s web hosting options are restricted in almost every way, and the Website Starter Plan only offers the most basic tools. The interface is visually appealing and would be perfect if necessary features came standard. However, the support quality is impressive; the reps were very knowledgeable and helped us with site and control panel issues.



HostRocket – 6.7/10

Choose HostRocket if you like the websites in its portfolio and have a budget that houses the price. If you already have a website or plan to put one up for yourself, this web hosting service may not be the most cost-effective solution. The unlimited disk space, bandwidth, email and database are noteworthy, but you can get the same service from our top-rated web hosting providers at a lower cost.



eBoundHost – 6.4/10

Overall, eBoundHost is a decent small business web hosting service. It provides a solid feature base but is missing a few standout features, especially in the security realm. This service does not rank among the best web hosting services but still is a good choice for small business owners.



EasyCGI – 6.3/10

EasyCGI is only a viable solution if you plan on something simple – informative websites or blogs shouldn’t have any problem with this web hosting service. As you increase the complexity of your site, you start to run into problems. The data limitations are just the beginning. Scripts must be installed manually, croon jobs are not allowed and only one shopping cart is available with startup.



Network Solutions – 6.2/10

Despite the missing features mentioned above, this service can host your site and give you the basic tools to manage your files. The plan flexibility is particularly useful; you do pay more for certain features, but the customization is in your hands. You aren’t forced to pay for features that you never use. However, if you’re a first time host consumer, we’d recommend you look to the best web hosting reviews in our comparison for a better value.



myhosting – 6.2/10

myhosting offers good marketing benefits to new users, including SEO assistance and mailing lists. Aside from that, there isn’t much to see. It is a decent web hosting service and will get the job done, just like its many competitors. None of the weaknesses are so serious that they compromise the overall quality of the service.



Lunarpages – 6.1/10

Lunarpages has decent elasticity, but the Starter plan bounds usability. With a 30-day money-back guarantee, there’s ample of time to get your site up and running and find out whether Lunarpages is a good fit for your needs. This web host uses a modest control panel that centers on easy-to-use tools, but disregards features essential for site creation.



Dotster – 6.1/10

We consider Dotster a viable domain hosting service, but it would improve considerably if it added more features to its plans and improved its customer service. The company has what you need if you want a simplified and stripped-down web hosting option. Most of Dotster’s competitors have larger feature sets, better technical support and far more to offer if you are looking for a more comprehensive web hosting solution.



Register.com – 5.9/10

Register.com provides a range of hosting services, but its entry-level plan offers the bare minimum and far less than most of the hosting providers we reviewed. Overall, it is a decent web hosting service but just isn’t compelling enough to compare with some of our higher ranked solutions.



Doteasy – 5.1/10

Doteasy is a disappointing web hosting service with a good deal of potential. That potential can be reached if you are willing to invest far more money per month. Select the basic service package; you are left with limited email, no shopping carts or other add-ons, and no PHP support. This may be a crippling weakness for sites with any respectable level of complexity.



StartLogic – 5.1/10

StartLogic is at the tail end of our hosting lineup because signup was overly complicated and the control panel requires a learning curve. While the Express plan does have the basic features needed to help you create a website, StartLogic is in dire need of an overhaul when it comes to ease of use. The web hosting service would give our top-rated hosting providers a run for their money with a control panel more focused on intuitiveness and usability.



Yahoo Web Hosting – 5.1/10

Advanced users will likely be bored with the basic functionality of Yahoo Web Hosting, and its hosting packages sorely lack in comparison to our top-ranked web hosting services. However, if you don’t have tons of coding experience, Yahoo Web Hosting may be for you.

Yahoo Web Hosting


WebHero – 4.9/10

WebHero provides mediocre web hosting services for individuals and small businesses. The service’s feature set is lacking, but this actually helps boost its overall usability. If you don’t need fancy features and are looking for a simple and uncomplicated web hosting service, WebHero may be worth a look.



Aplus.net – 4.9/10

This small business web hosting service straddles an awkward line: The help and support seem inaccessible to beginners, while the SEO tools are great for new web owners but don’t present any real draw to advanced users. The mediocre price point and limited data allowance send conflicting messages. In the end, everybody gets about half of what they really wanted. If you don’t plan to rely on tech support, don’t need a shopping cart and could use easy access to SEO analysis, Aplus may fit you very well. If you don’t match that description, Aplus probably won’t match you either.



Gate.com – 4.9/10

During our evaluation, we found nothing to be particularly wrong with this web hosting service. When comparing our experience with previous reviews, we found their support staff to be helpful but average. Overall, this hosting service may not provide enough value to overcome the limitations to the basic shared hosting plans.



IPOWER – 4.6/10

Although IPOWER has developed a bad rap throughout the internet, the service package is good. Unfortunately, overeager and under-helpful customer service, combined with frequent glitch encounters, don’t make a good impression overall. Sadly, the only thing that makes this service unique is the lack of hosting features.



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