What is CloudFlare? – What benefits does Cloudflare provide?

CloudFlare is one the newest and cheapest web hosts in today’s market. They have introduced a new technique which in increasingly grabbing the attention of many in the industry. CloudFlare presents a combination of web security and performance.

CloudFlare provides an increased level of security compared to the industry competitors. They provide a higher level of protection against SQL injection and cross-site script or XSS on your websites. The protection helps your website to stay safe from hackers and hidden scripts in your website. Hence the host could deliver a higher protection of client’s data including personal details, credit card number, etc. on the site. The security features of CloudFlare also give you a blocking facility, which helps to protect from harvesting of email addresses given on your website.

What is CloudFlare? - What benefits does Cloudflare provide?
What is CloudFlare? – What benefits does Cloudflare provide?

The web host also offers a good speed in hosting and performance. The website hosted in their server shall have a very minimal lag issues and show a greater loading speed, ensuring that customers and website visitors do not get fed up of high loading time.

The high-features and tools offered by CloudFlare is managed by their cleverer management system. Their clever and neat web interface helps the user to easily manage their website and features. Their management tools also help to detect traffic of your website and manage accordingly.

CloudFlare offers a flexible and user-friendly interface. The interface is so well organised that you would barely require a support from customer care. Nevertheless, the web host offers a friendly customer care support with training videos.

Altogether, CloudFlare offers a variety of website security and performance. Their protection against SQL injections and XSS is a great advantage. Some of the website performance tools we found especially useful include content caching and global CDN. Since all these options are done on the cloud, there is no need to bother with installing new hardware or software. You site can be secure and quick for user to easy manage

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